Win 10 Redo System . . .

Since I upgraded Win 7 to the free Win 10, I’ve had problems that just seem to be getting worse the more I delay doing the inevitable.

So as I wait to backup crucial files, I’m in the process of dumping some 3D software that just doesn’t cut it anymore:  DAZ 3D, iClone 6, Indigo and a couple of others.

The reason for this now make more sense as I move into the Unreal Environment.  A completely amazing piece of software that still runs as a 32-bit program.  It easily surpasses the above mentioned software, most of those being 64-bit.  I loaded a 4.6Gb file to demo, and although it took a while to process, it ran flawlessly.

iClone seems to choke around 200Mb or so and DAZ animation sucks.  Supposedly, I’ll be able to import Character Creator avatars, but I’m not holding my breath.

It makes business sense to move to a platform where you can eventually create a game without programming, although my goal is to create the movie first, then a game.  I’m encouraged by the vast amount of material you can reuse in your game or movie, so here I go!


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