An attempt to streamline the pipeline . . .


This is a popVideo animation where almost every object in the scene is actually a 2D representation. The only 3D in this scene is the desert floor and the sky. By rendering a video as a popVideo, you can drag/drop that video into iClone 6.5 with no problems as it cuts the default gray background out. There is a bit of ghosting around those imported clips, so I tried the DOF (Depth of Field) to blur the objects, but it only seemed to make it more obvious, so I ended up removing it. Most folks will probably not notice it. All object are planes. The total file size is about around 35Mb and that includes the camel and the lion WAV files. The lion is a bit loud.

This a just a PREVIEW rendering, so there are issues with transparency, etc. as it is just to see if it passes muster.

Disregard the title as it shows up on YouTube ok.


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